Corporate Moving
Recent surveys show that a primary driver of corporate relocations continues to be the inability to find a qualified workforce in the same place as the job. Movemart Relocation and Wheaton Worldwide Moving understand the balance between the business reasons for getting someone ready for their new position in an unfamiliar environment and the personal issues that every transferee will experience. It’s not just an address change, it’s a life change. Communication is Key Over time, Movemart Relocation and Wheaton have developed an extensive communications regimen that assigns a single point-of-coordination to every corporate move. That means your company’s Human Resources manager or relocation specialist, as well as the transferee, will be kept up to speed at every step of the move. Everyone involved in the corporate move will have a resource to ask questions, express concerns, or simply seek some peace of mind. We’ll Work with Your Policy Every company’s relocation policy is different. Let us know your policy and we’ll work with you to maximize your benefits whether it’s a lump sum, full move package, percentage, or some combination or permutation of all three.

Corporate Moving

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