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The idea of moving a piano can be a major mistake if you don’t have the knowledge, experience or equipment to move pianos. If you happen to drop or break a piano, a replacement or repairs could cost you thousands. Pianos are large and awkward which makes packing & loading extremely tough and time consuming for residential movers. Save yourself time and money by hiring a professional piano mover to handle the job. If you’re serious about protecting your piano, it’s best to go with a professional piano mover. The Right Piano Mover Is Important Never rush to pick a piano mover because it could possibly end up being the wrong choice. Here are some tips for finding the right piano mover: · Be sure to ask prospective moving companies about their insurance coverage. In the majority of cases, the amount of insurance they carry will be more than enough to cover any possible damages. If you’d like additional coverage, contact your homeowner’s insurance agent and ask about arranging for a rider to your policy that would insure the piano while it’s being shipped. · Some piano movers may attempt to “keyboard” a piano in order to move it: this entails removing the keyboard so that the piano can fit through tight spots. Let your mover know prior to the move that you don’t want this done unless you know for sure that the piano will not fit through your new doorways.  · Make sure movers place it somewhere where it won’t be subject to major shifts in movement or temperature. Even minor warping, caused by small temperature changes, can affect a piano’s sound. Keep the piano away from heating ducts, windows and doors to avoid destroying the piano.  At Movemart Relocation we have special tools for the job; like a piano dolly, a heavy duty handcart that can support a piano’s weight and a piano board that can ease big loads down stairs with minimum jarring.

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